It’s that time of year…

So next week is Thanksgiving, how’d that happen. Somewhere between the dog days of summer and today, fall occurred. I think I missed it. In fact, up until a few days ago, I didn’t really put too much thought into the time of year or the seasons. That’s what happens when you live in Florida, our seasons are hot and hotter.  However, one of our clients, Mary Fellows of Little Merry Fellows, asked that we hold off on making the winter and holiday updates to her website until Thanksgiving eve. She explained in her email that she loves fall and hates to short change it. When I read her note, I had to smile, because I often find myself walking into stores before Thanksgiving eve and wondering how many more days of shopping I have till Christmas.

Since Karen headed off to South America for a bit of honeymooning, we started preparing R&R for the holidays much earlier this year, which in turn encouraged our clients to do the same. Although our holiday greetings are nearly ready to be signed, sealed and delivered, I think I am going to take Mary’s words to heart and enjoy a little bit more of the fall before I jump right into winter. Perhaps, I will take sometime to enjoy the great outdoors, write my thankful list and indulge in a couple more college football games. But, if you can’t wait to rush past fall, I will leave you with a a link to holiday music on  Holiday Radio, to wet your appetite for all the winter festivities. Oh and don’t forget to check out the Little Merry Fellows website, after thanksgiving of course:)


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