Have you found the right university – UMW’s new website will!

A little over a month ago, the director of marketing for the University of Mary Washington contacted us to discuss a website project. Karen, having been born and raised in Virginia, was stoked to have the opportunity to design for a University that she grew up around.  During the initial discussion, we learned that UMW was looking to develop a mini website that would be engaging to a prospective students, namely high school students.

The theme developed by the UMW marketing for the website is, “The Right Fit” and the idea lends comparison to the quest for finding the right jeans and how the right fit is also important when seeking the right college.  After some greater immersion and brainstorming we came up with a design direction that utilized the theme, provided user interactivity, incorporated social media and stayed within the project budget (a big deal when dynamic components are involved).  Wow, we covered a lot of bases.

Check out therightfit.umw.edu to see how we combined Twitter, students, an interactive home page and some of our favorite jeans to create a great fit for University of Mary Washington.