Georgia on Our Mind

There have been so many states and territories on our mind over the past month. From Harvey in Texas to Maria in Puerto Rico, we’ve been glued to the news and hoping with all our hearts that those near and far would be safe and sound.

Through all of our concerns, though, we never thought devastation could hit so close to home. Yet, as Irma laid waste to Florida, she left some strength to hit our turf. And with a one-, two- punch, she knocked out power in our neighborhoods, downed trees and wreaked havoc on our seaside friends. But as any good Southerner worth their weight in sugar, our hospitality remained intact, offering kindness and refuge to misplaced Floridians and cultivating a unified community across each of our cities.

It is this grace under pressure and open-armed demeanor that makes Georgia, well, Georgia. We’re too strong-willed to be “gone with the wind” and we are too neighborly to let anyone struggle alone. So as we switch the lights back on and turn felled trees to firewood, it’s time we bless the Peach State’s heart because there’s no place we’d rather call home.

How You Can Help

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