Craft-Time Barbie by day, web designer by night


Mother's Heart Children's Home Website
Mother's Heart Children's Home Website

It’s no surprise that many creatives are do-gooders at heart. People who want to contribute to a greater good and stay involved on a humanitarian level. In the creative industry, we have the ability to overlap our professional talents and our core beliefs.


Just six months ago, I traveled to Mangshi, (ie. the middle of nowhere) China to work with an organization called Mother’s Heart (, that takes in children from the surrounding region who have lost parents to AIDs. With no knowledge of Mandarin or the use of chopsticks, I doubled as Craft-Time Barbie by day (not too many blondes in Yunnan) and web designer by night. During my stay I learned a lot about the benefits, both personally and professionally, of pro bono work.

Philanthropy – There’s nothing better than using your talent and knowledge to support a cause you believe in. I can truly say that love is a universal language.

Creativity – Getting outside the corporate bubble can be inspiring and refreshing. Whether you’re in the creative industry or not, it can give you a new prospective on your normal day-to-day.

Networking – Individuals working with non profits are often business owners and prospective clients as well. Working for a similar cause is a great starting point for business relationships.

Portfolio – For creatives, pro bono work offers a great way to explore new areas of design that you might not already have in your portfolio.  It’s a great way to get innovative with your work and challenge new frontiers.

We can all have an enormous impact on our local and global communities. We encourage you to get out there, do good, and do it well. Visit Mother’s Heart online: