Inspiration on a platter


We have very passionate clients. Each and every one of our customers came to us with a big dream – to see their passions become reality. Recently, Barbie Kennedy enlisted our help in rekindling her desire to design and create her own line of home collections. Her story is wonderful and her painted visions of coastal living are enchanting.

The dream for Barbie Kennedy Inspired Home Collections began with a platter. The platter, a gift to her father, was painted with two lobsters, some whimsy and a lot of love. Since then, the lobsters have evolved and a handful of unique new designs have been added to the mix, including palmetto bluffs and sport fish.  The collection will make its debut at the January 2011 Atlanta Gift Show, which means its prep time.

Building a business from the ground up takes a lot of love, a lot of time and a lot of enthusiasm – luckily Barbie has all of the above in abundance. From the get go, we knew that Barbie had a keen eye for design and a strong vision for what she wanted her brand to look and feel like. We actually started the process a bit backwards, beginning with a splash page, before designing the logo. However, this deviation from the norm was a great way for us to gather an understanding for Barbie’s likes, dislikes and impeccable drive.

Once the splash page was up, we began the logo development phase. Typically the process involves writing a creative brief, concepting and fine-tuning ideas and then several rounds of revisions till perfection is found. This logo did not follow protocol, not because it was difficult, instead it was envisioned before we even began. Barbie herself presented us with a drawing of the logo that she wished to see reproduced. From her hand-drawn sketch, red and white color palette and a little Rhyme & Reason, we were able to produce a logo mark that married her vision with our knowledge of the marketing world. The result, a brand image that is enthusiastic in its encouragement to celebrate the coastal lifestyle.

See everything that Barbie Kennedy is bringing to your home at or on her Facebook Fan Page and don’t forget, if you need help nurturing your passion, we’re here.