Facebook Ads: Targeting your market

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve most likely heard it a million times, but I’m going to say it again for good measure – Facebook is revolutionizing the world. I mean these guys are smart and they have created a platform that continues to excite every demographic section of the population. Hard to believe a simple platform created to connect with friends across the Harvard lawn would turn into profiles, groups, Fan Pages, invites and now ads.

In case you don’t have the kind of time I do to research every bell and whistle that Facebook has to offer, you may not have realized that Facebook has started to really become a power player in the business world. Fan Pages were developed to provide a presence for organizations, products, businesses or public personalities. They offer businesses a broader reach, greater connections and encourage “fans” to become brand advocates. Here at Rhyme & Reason Design, we’ve been able to develop Custom Fan Pages that offer businesses a chance to differentiate themselves through custom design, CMS programming, RSS Feeds, embedded video integration, outbound links and more.  With more than 3 million active Pages already on Facebook, the opportunity to differentiate one business from the next is fast become a necessity.

The success of Facebook Fan Pages may not have lead directly to the advent of Facebook Ads, but they have proven to be beneficial to any marketing campaign. Facebook Ads offer an advertiser a robust connection to 400 million active Facebook users, psychographic and demographic targeting and built-in optimization and tracking. You say what? Well, currently there are 400 million active users on Facebook, which means you have the opportunity to get your company in front of what would be considered the third largest country – if of course, Facebook were a country. However, your target market is diverse and they may only account for ¼ of the 400 million, so how do you know that your ad will reach the right people? Again, those Facebook kids are smart cookies and they created a system that allows you to target your specific audience. Say for example, you sell autographed pictures of Edward Cullen well as of this morning had you had a Facebook ad, you could have reached the 1,557,540 people who live in the United States between the ages of 18 and 30 who are female who like “Twilight”. Impressive isn’t it. Once an ad is created with the specific psychographic and demographic targeting narrowed down, you can then optimize and track the impressions and click-throughs.

Imagine the potency of a marketing campaign that combined the differentiating powers of a Custom Facebook Fan Page and specifically targeted Facebook Ads? Want to see the results, give us a call or send us an email.