Increasing Interactivity

We’re well into our second year of business here at Rhyme & Reason Design and we’ve discovered that change is a good thing. At the beginning of the year, we revamped our look and feel bringing out the modern and professional side of our company. We also recently launched Custom Facebook Fan Pages, the darling of our social media division. Never ones to let moss grow under our feet, we are about to make some more changes. This time social media is our impetus.

You all have been active participants in our social media initiatives but, we want to do things better. This new plan is to truly involve you, our loyal readers, followers and fans. We will be streamlining our efforts so that you can find us easily without having to look across multiple platforms or profiles. We are creating a strategy that is about sharing, growing and learning.  Which means we want some active participation from you all. If we ask a question, let us know your answer. If we post a blog that you want to know more about, let us know if we can send you an article or write a follow up. If there is a twitter post that you think is great, retweet it or send us an article that you think would be great for us to read.

Moving forward, you will be able to find Rhyme & Reason at, and of course The information you will find on these channels will help educate you about design, building a business and our company, while also providing you with a venue to express yourself, vote on polls and interact with us and our other fans, followers and readers.

Custom Facebook Fan Pages, never one to be outdone by R&R will also be funneling activity to three main social media sites,, and

Our goal in the next year is to increase awareness, increase sales and increase interactivity and the only way we can do that is if you help us out. So don’t be shy post, tweet, and “like” away – we’ll be sure to do the same for you.