First comes love, then comes branding

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to brand a company? In our business, we have the unique opportunity to help brand other companies. What we create is often the cornerstone and the foundation of a company’s value. Of course, we don’t take the branding strategy lightly. We spend hours learning about the company, the industry, the customers, the product/service and the people within the organization that make it tick. Every aspect of the design, from color choice to graphic elements, are determined by research and understanding.

Now imagine trying to brand your own wedding.

That’s exactly what Karen, our incredible creative director, has decided to do. Karen met Ben, her awesome fiancé and one of R&R’s most dedicated cheerleaders, in 2006 on a visit to Atlanta for a job interview. As the story goes, they met at a bar and he asked her on a date (I’m convinced it was love at first sight, but that’s my romantic side talking). She accepted the job and dinner. From that first meeting under the haze of bar light, the duo built quite the relationship. Although, they lived in the same state, he would often find himself hopping a plane to meet her in some exotic locale – Karen may have a strong case of the travel bug. Finally, after years of dates and passport stamps, Ben got down on his knee and asked for her hand. She said yes.

That’s when things got tough. Karen, our brilliant design mind who creates brands for our clients, couldn’t farm out her save-the-dates, invitations, website or day of materials. No, she was bound and determined to brand her own wedding. Turns out branding yourself and your fiancé, is a lot harder than it looks. But somehow, Karen has managed to create a wedding package that is the perfect marriage of K + B. See for yourself at and if you’re like me, you’ll be calling up R&R when your day comes.