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How to Write a Rock-Star Marketing RFP

It’s a new year and that means new projects and new budgets. So how do you plan on spending those fiscal dollars? A new marketing campaign? A responsive website? A brand-new brand? The fact is you probably have all those dollars spent well before the year even starts. It’s just a matter of finding the […]

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Industry Jargon 101

We live in the world of advertising and design here at Rhyme & Reason, so I often assume that our industry-speak is well known thanks to buzz words like social media, digital and mobile becoming part of the general nomenclature. Yet during the holidays, while speaking to friends, family and party guests, I found myself […]

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The Amazing World of Animated Video

Let’s say you have one minute to introduce your business to potential clients. Historically, this feat of communication has been done through the use of professionally edited and strategically placed words on a page, whether that opportunity is online or in the customer’s hand. The question is, do they actually read it? If we are […]

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