Pixel Point, LLC and Rhyme & Reason Design Announce Strategic Partnership

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Rhyme & Reason Design to Brand and Execute Powerful Member Events for Fraternal Industry Partners

Atlanta, GA (January 20, 2021) — Rhyme & Reason Design and Pixel Point, LLC announced today that they have partnered to provide a branded and robust online event platform to fraternal industry clients beginning in summer 2021. After a summer and fall that largely relied on Zoom-like platforms, associations and membership-based organizations saw the value in scaled attendance. This new and tailored platform will allow more members to benefit from and experience the learning opportunities, speakers, governance discussions and general organizational connection that comes with updated technology and allows them to stay connected to organizations that mean so much to them.

Looking ahead, Pixel Point, LLC and Rhyme & Reason Design are excited to help their clients craft unique attendee experiences that resonate and inspire no matter the format.

Beyond just a link to a video conference, this new service will offer the ability to custom brand event microsites that host the platform, serve as a “hub” for all programming, and is finally an end-to-end solution with a reasonable cost to the user. Using this platform will make larger hybrid (both in person and at-home attendees) events more captivating, more flexible, more inclusive to new attendees/new members and more focused on dynamic engagement.

The #1 key differentiator on this platform is the balance of event promotion features (website, email, etc.) with a built-in web meeting platform with unlimited number of concurrent sessions and the ability for sub-breakouts (small group discussions). This is a game-changer for organizations who need multiple programming tracks happening at the same time. One license, one event, many tracks of learning.

As fraternal clients look toward 2021, the two companies are working to ensure unique experiences that delight each attendee, whether in-person, online, or hybrid events.

Rhyme & Reason Design will act on their agency promise, focusing on beautiful and smart design that can enhance member recognition and brand familiarity and cohesion, even in a hybrid event experience. Their goal is connection. They believe that no matter if attendees are sitting in a socially-distanced ballroom or sitting in a home office, the attendee journey should feel as warm and personal as walking up to a registration desk and being greeted by name.

Rhyme & Reason will use their marketing and design expertise to coordinate branding on the platform, which Pixel Point, LLC is planning to begin using in summer 2021.


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