It’s 2016, Let’s Do More Things

Happy 2016!!! There’s something magical about the start of a new year: You have 366 days (oh hey, Leap Year) of unknowns and excitement and what-ifs to look forward to. Big things are on the horizon, and there’s so much opportunity to make up for what you did or didn’t do last year.

As I’ve said every year, we aren’t big on the resolution concept — those have become clichéd and all too often they come with the expectation of failure. So as the dawning of the New Year is upon us, we as an office have decided to focus on what we can do more of over the next 52 weeks. Here goes nothing (er, make that something)…

Give Back

Sure, during the holiday season everyone wants to give back and make a difference, but what about the rest of the year, like in August? Well this year as a team, we’ll be making it a point to do something philanthropic every quarter. Whether it is time or money, we want to go back to our roots and give back.

Hire More Magnificent Humans

We have six magnificent humans in our office every single day, but how much more awesome could we be if we hired three more? Our guess is off the charts. So in 2016 we’re going to bring not one, not two, but three new employees to help our culture blossom and our business bloom.

Stop and Smell the Down Time

Speaking of blooming, in order to keep our creative juices flowing and our smart ideas wicked smart, we need to stop and smell the metaphorical roses every once in a while. So this year, bring on some more hobbies, pastimes and passions. More horses to ride, more trips to be taken, more miles to run, more page-turners to read and simply more of what each one of us loves to do. That way, we’ll bring more big ideas to the table and even more beautiful designs.

To a Million and Beyond

So it sounds funny to say we want to give back more and follow it up with more cash money. But, to be honest, we’ve always wanted to have our cake and eat it too. Not to mention that, after four-ish years in the EO Accelerator program, it’s about time that R&R graduates into big-kid EO. For all of you non-EOers out there, the only way to move from its less than a million in revenue program is to — you guessed it — eclipse a million dollars in revenue.

It’s Great to be a Florida Gator

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve stacked our bench with some Gator greats (five out of six of us bleed orange and blue). Which means this year we want to see some more big things happen that involve our Gator ties, including a new O-line and nondoping QB (yeah we’re looking at you, Grier) for the football team, potentially entrepreneurial recognition from our alma mater and another opportunity to host the awesome graphic design students on their annual Vox Trip.

There’s so Much More

Seriously, there is so much more we want to accomplish in 2016, including more retreats, more conference appearances, more speaking engagements, more cool designs to add to our shop, potentially more gold accessories (you really can never have too much) and the list goes on …