Freshly Pressed – Great for Coffee and Blogs

On April 15, I posted a blog on bartering services. The article was based on a recent service swap between Rhyme & Reason and Legally Informed, LLC. As I so often do, I posted the blog, tagged the keywords, uploaded a picture, clicked publish and then logged off. About an hour or so later, I received an email from “Joy-” with the subject line “Post Promoted at” Albeit the puzzling and slightly strange subject, I opened the email to find that the content was no less enlightening than the subject line.

The copy in the email read,

“Congrats! Your post ( ) has been promoted to Freshly Pressed on Keep up the good work!”

Not quite sure who Joy was or why she was congratulating me, I figured since I had already clicked through enough of the unknown, I might as well click on through to to see if there was some decoder ring I could use. Needless to say, the decoder ring was unnecessary when there on the homepage of was a very familiar blog post smack-dab in the middle of the second line of freshly pressed blogs. Turns out, Freshly Pressed blogs are the top blogs of the day as chosen by the editors of Which means on April 15, 2010, we were better than 290,121 bloggers Our 15 minutes of fame earned us 2,027 hits within 24 hours. To put that number into perspective for you, typically our blog receives 40 hits per day and 190 hits in one day was our record. Not only did we have influx of readership, but Elizabeth at Legally Informed, LLC has been fielding a variety of emails ranging from international investors to curious businesses.

To be honest, I am still not exactly sure why or how that particular blog was chosen on that particular day, but I learned a long time ago to never look a gift horse in the mouth. So instead, I will revel in our good fortunate and keep writing until another post makes it to the limelight.