Good as Gold

What does it take to win in the advertising and marketing game? We spend our days focusing on that very topic. Although measuring success can be ambiguous, there are times when we get to see tangible proof of what a win looks like and it is very, very nice.

Last week, we attended the Georgia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Winter Meeting looking to catch up with old friends, make new contacts, share ideas and hear what GA CVBs and other vendors such as ourselves are up to. We did all those things, of course, but this meeting offered up something different too – an unexpected, fun highlight.

Two of our Georgia CVB clients, Dublin and Peachtree City, received awards in a Best Ideas Competition. Dublin had two gold-medal finishes – one in the collateral design category for their amazing brochures and one for their interactive website. Peachtree City’s first place finish was for their ad campaign featuring zombies and a goofy take on golf, which highlights their “Expect the Unexpected” campaign.

This competition recognized creative excellence and effectiveness in categories such as marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns. The winners were decided by meeting attendee votes, adding another layer of significance to the achievement – peer recognition. It’s not a bad day’s work when not one, but two of your clients take home first-place medals!

Although we’ve won awards before, you can never have too much of a good thing, if the saying is to be believed. We enjoyed the praise that came our way, but the larger significance for us was seeing Dublin and Peachtree City congratulated by peers in their industry. We returned back to the office with a renewed sense of accomplishment; the meeting’s events were a good reminder – our goal is to make all of our clients winners. Although not everyone has competitions to enter or a medal to wear around their neck, we spend a lot of time figuring out what winning means to our clients and how we can make that a reality through our designs and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

So, what does it take to win? A lot of passion, hard work and focus – things we have in abundance here at Rhyme & Reason Design. We always knew that we partnered with clients who value those same very important things and it was great to see this recognized for two of our favorite ones.