In 2011 we resolve to…

10,9, 8, 7, 6,5,4,3,2,1…Happy New Year! Oh wait, we still have a few more days before we say goodbye to 2010, so what better way to welcome the New Year than with a few resolutions. I know the idea is a bit clichéd, but really it’s less about the resolution and more about the idea of bettering yourself or in our case Rhyme & Reason. Not to mention, 2011 will mark our third year in business, so these goals should show that we’ve grown up, survived our terrible twos and are primed for many more years of celebration.

As resolutions go, we know that many are made but few are followed, therefore we are going to stick with the general as opposed to getting specific. That way when I start writing our 2012 resolutions, I can honestly say that we accomplished our 2011 goals.

–  Think outside of the box:  There are a lot of shapes out there that have yet to be used.

–  Increase efficiency: How best can we get to point A from point B without affecting quality?

–  Live on the edge: Not that far out, but let’s all take a few risks. Richard Branson didn’t get where he is by playing it safe.

–  Mix, meet and mingle: Virtual offices are great, but nothing compares to social interaction.

–  Financial health (and wealth): Make the numbers count, no sickly spreadsheets for us. We bought two computers this year, what do we want to buy in 2011?

–  Grow, learn and improve: Add new clients, new partners and new capabilities.