Reinventing ourselves on Facebook

In my previous post, I discussed how Rhyme & Reason Design was taking the social media world by storm – ok, ok storm may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.  However, as an avid reader you know that I only spoke of our Twitter and blog accounts, conveniently leaving out the crowning jewel of social media – Facebook.

Facebook being the premier vehicle driving the social media revolution required a greater undertaking – in both design and blog posts.  A facebook profile focal point tends to be the picture in the corner, however we wanted to showcase the creativity and smarts of our business. Rhyme & Reason entered the Facebook arena originally as a simple profile page, where we affixed a few pictures of our pearly whites, wrote a few quirky lines and then forced all of our friends to “friend” us.  We’ve matured since then.  Therefore, those pictures of our pearly whites have been removed, our quirky lines are now polished copy about our capabilities and now we are politely asking our friends to “fan” us.

Our Fan page allows us to showcase our professional acumen within an environment that thrives off of updates, pictures and information.  If you decide to “fan” us, which I think you should (I’m not above bribing you to do so) you will notice that we have created a site within a site, utilizing Facebooks’ interactive platform to create a design-heavy welcome page, interactive discussion forum and informative service page that easily links to sample work, plus a few other bells and whistles that you can check out on your own time.

As marketers, we see the advantage of social media in developing a dynamic conversation with current and potential customers.  Between Twitter, blogging and Facebook, we are able to increase the awareness of our company throughout the global marketplace, create a dialogue with a variety of people and businesses and showcase our work in the forum where we thrive.