R&R Hits the Airwaves

Over the weekend, Erin and I had the opportunity to talk about social media, R&R’s non-profit efforts and entrepreneurship on Connecting Women’s blog talk radio. (Don’t worry Karen would have been there too, but she was trying on wedding dresses!)

The interview, which focused on utilizing social media in the business world, came about thanks to the connective powers of Twitter. Twitter, known for it’s ability to disseminate information in 140 characters or less, proved to be the perfect case study for social media working for small businesses. @connectingwomen sent out a tweet in early December seeking women-owned businesses to interview. As an obsessive tweeter myself, and a loyal follower, I immediately sent an email suggesting that R&R would be a great fit for such an interview. Well apparently they agreed because two months later we had our on-air debut.

Take a listen, we’re on around the 37 minute mark, and see for yourself how social media is creating a dynamic conversation in business.

Faten Abdallah interviews John Sternal of Sternal Consulting on public relations followed by Scarlett Rosier of Rhyme and Reason on businesses using social media. Questions comments call 646 595-3653 email connectingwomenradioatgmaildotcom. Feb 27 2010)