Obsessive Tweeting Disorder

A few weeks ago, I discussed my deep aversion to the world of social networks especially Twitter.  In the same breath, I also mentioned that I would be immersing myself into said world all for the good of Rhyme & Reason Design.

At that time of my last post, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The R&R team was open to the idea of getting our name out and generating buzz in whatever means necessary.  Therefore, I went out into the social networking world with great gusto.  Signing Rhyme & Reason Design up for LinkedIn and Twitter – we already were alive and well on Facebook and WordPress.

For LinkedIn, I set up our account, sent out requests to my email contacts and have periodically updated information to keep us up-to-date in the eye of the Google spider.  Other than the weekly reviews, I haven’t been too involved with the site.  Twitter on the other hand is another story.

I am a far cry from the girl who looked down her nose at Twitter only a few weeks ago. In fact, I may need to seek professional help to quell my Obsessive Tweeting Disorder.  The tweeting started as something I did once a day – if I read an article or thought of something interesting I filled in 140 characters, hit return and called it a day.  During the first week, I garnered a few followers – mainly friends I knew, who were also friends in real life as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.  But, slowly I started to build a following of people I didn’t know at all.  Right there, is where the problem started.  As soon as I noticed strangers following what I had to say I started tweeting more.  If you think about it, it’s like an online ego-boost.  My tweets, originally unfocused and random, began to become focused on advice and tips for branding, design and advertising.  More strangers began to follow.  Then I went away for the weekend and didn’t tweet at all, blasphemy I know.  To my horror, my lack of tweeting cost me four followers.  Immediately, I upped the ante.  Instead of three or four tweets a day I was posting seven to eight, yet I still lost four more followers.  I kept the devastating exodus to myself, until my tweeting behavior was brought up during this weeks’ conference call.  Turns out my friends who originally began following me removed me because “She tweets too much!”

Hello my name is Scarlett and I obsessively tweet.