Beauty & Barber Tools – the birth of a stylish brand

We’ve all spent some time in a barbershop or a salon chair. However, at no point during the visit had I ever thought about where the shears, chairs or any other element of the shop came from. That changed immediately when we added Apopka Beauty & Barber Supply to our family of clients.

Apopka Beauty & Barber Supply sought our help in designing a new logo and website design for their online barber mall. Understanding the importance of a good cut, we jumped at the chance to update their appeal.

The original logo mark that was presented to us was that of a barber pole affixed to a space ship. Yes, we thought it was an interesting pairing as well, however it is important to note that the city of Apopka is located fairly close to Florida’s Space Coast. So the connection wasn’t completely obscure. The mark and the site although unique in idea, were not working for the clientele and it was time for a fresh pair of eyes.

The owner’s son-in-law spearheaded the project, as he was a partner in a computer development company and therefore, not only had his pulse on aesthetic appeal, but also back-end programming needs.  Beginning with the logo mark and based on requests and discussions with the client, we were able to create a mark that removed itself from its Space Coast roots. Using a new color palette of plum and grey, we worked our magic to create a graphic image and word mark that instantly grabs attention.  The mark incorporates the look of movement and creates a strong brand identity to grow upon.

Once the mark was developed, designing the site to complement it was effortless. Again, moving forward in a modern and classic way was essential for both the son-in-law and the client. With a distinct two color logo mark in place, we used the gray and plum color palette sparingly in a way that would not overwhelm the site. Take a peek at and I think you’ll see the site and logo mark are truly a cut above the rest. Oh and next time you’re getting your hair cut don’t forget to ponder where those shears came from.