Fulaa Lifeline International – A Ministry of Compassion

Fulaa Lifeline International and Cornerstone Children's Home

Here at Rhyme & Reason Design, we have been lucky enough to love what we do, work with wonderful for-profit clients and have the opportunity to provide our time and services to well-deserving non-profits.  Our desire to give back is not just a shared compassion but, a founding principle for our shop.  Previous posts have discussed Mother’s Heart children’s home, our first full-fledged site project with a non-profit organization.  The experience was incredible for our team on the home front, but for Karen it was a life-changing immersion in Chinese culture and a formation of bonds with eager children.  The success of Mother’s Heart, showcased by the outpouring of kind and the twinkling eyes of the children, provided our team with a wonderful impetus to continue our drive to make the world a better place.  In doing so, we were able to connect with Fulaa Lifeline International.

Fulaa Lifeline International is a Christian ministry of compassion for the suffering people of South Sudan.  Originally Fulaa was dedicated solely to the needs of South Sudanese refugees who sought asylum in the Washington, DC area.  More recently, the organization focused their efforts on assisting those refugees of the most recent Sudanese civil war, whom seek to repatriate from the camps in Uganda and Kenya back to their homeland in South Sudan.

The Civil Wars that continue to ravage the Sudan have left destruction, sadness and orphans in their wake.  Fulaa, in partnership with local churches, compassionate volunteers and kind donations has worked to improve upon the conditions for the numerous homeless children that have been affected by the turbulent nature of the country.  From their efforts, Cornerstone Children’s Home was born.  The home, still in its infancy, will be a place of hope, safety and love for each child who enters the doors.

It would be easy for me to continue painting a picture of Fulaa’s amazing work, but I believe the recently launched site with pictures of the children, words of hope and driving strength creates a masterpiece I only wish I could convey.  Please take a moment of your time to visit Fulaalifeline.org, because with every new person we can educate, the greater our chances are to better the world.