Taste of Florida, summertime in a bottle


There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, from the warm coastal breezes to the appearance of sun-kissed skin, it has a way of relaxing the mind and reviving the senses. However, recreating the experience is not an easy feat, if done incorrectly it could be as uncomfortable as sand in your swim trunks. Luckily for us, our most recent client, Taste of Florida, discovered a way to successfully bottle the sweet taste of summertime.

Taste of Florida, owned by Coastal Beverages, offers a variety of premium real fruit drink mixers. Doug McWhorter, the mastermind behind the brand, has spent the better part of the last 12 years focusing his efforts on developing a high-quality product worth pairing with top-of-the-line alcohol. As he puts it, “you wouldn’t pair a filet mignon with powdered mash potatoes, so why would you mix imitation lime juice with your premium tequila to make a margarita?” We’d say he’s got a pretty good point, wouldn’t you?

When Doug came to us more than a year ago, he was looking to impart his fun, Florida style on the masses. His old site, although helpful in providing the necessary product information, lacked the vibrant personality that both he and his brand share. Through initial conversations, it was obvious that two things mattered the most; impressing upon visitors that “Real is better than fake” and creating a space where you can almost feel the sand between your toes. With those two ideas in mind, we channeled the beach in every way, utilizing a bright color palette, imagery straight from where the surf meets the sand and recipes fit for vacation. Beyond the site, we worked with Doug to create marketing and business materials that mirror the Island aesthetic, ensuring that life with Taste of Florida really is a beach.

Now that we have wet your taste buds, check out the real Taste of Florida site to create your own recipe du jour, or stop by your local watering hole for a real taste of the sunshine state.