The Perfect Escape…Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Here at Rhyme & Reason Design, we love our jobs, but there are certain parts of our jobs that take our love to a whole new level.  A couple months back, the R&R team landed not just a new client, but a pretty fabulous vacation as well. The Allen family, hired our team to design a custom website for their two condos, Marbella 4C and Veranda 2B at the Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Costa Rica. A pretty cool gig, even before we found out we could take a weeklong vacation at Marbella 4C to truly immerse ourselves in the product.

Did I mention that we love our jobs?

As the resident researcher, I was more than thrilled to experience the sights and sounds through first-hand experience as opposed to gleaning secondary information from newspaper articles and travel guides.  Through conversation with the Allen’s, photos of the area and community-centric magazine pictorials, we knew that Los Suenos was impressive. However, the day we drove up to the complex, we realized that it wasn’t just impressive, it was paradise. Iguanas roamed freely, pools melted into the horizon and the flowers painted the community in splashes of vibrant color. Right off the bat, it was obvious that a website for Los Suenos would require a vivid color palette, an array of images that not just showcased the properties, but truly highlighted the abundant uniqueness, created by nature and by man.

After spending a week touring Costa Rica by foot, aerial tours and white water, we packed up our bags and headed back to reality where we would need to parlay our experience onto a website. As the quote goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and we decided that we wanted to say a couple hundred thousand words with the Los Suenos website. Therefore, we created individual galleries for each page to capture the essence of not just the country but, the area and the condos themselves. Colors, naturally occurring in Costa Rica, were chosen for the site’s canvas and the words were chosen to elicit thoughts of relaxation and beauty.

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