Key Benefits of Infographics


With versatility and stunning good looks, infographics are a compelling addition to any marketing plan. Messages of all sorts, especially the complex kind, can benefit from being communicated in graphic form. These gorgeous marketing gems help make information and data easily digestible for the people you want looking at your stuff — your target audience. […]

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The Making of a Magical Day


2016 was our inaugural celebration of National Have Fun at Work Day. We had SO much fun that we decided to make it an annual affair. Hence, our day-of-fun checklist! Have Fun at Work Day is the result of several amusing days of planning. Here’s a sneak peak at all of the days of fun […]

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One Easy Way to Protect your Greek Brand


You’ve put countless hours of research and energy into creating and establishing the brand identity of your fraternity or sorority. Now that you have established the standards, how do you ensure proper logo usage both inside and outside your organization? Greek licensing protects your investment. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of vendors eager to […]

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Trends in Greek Branding – The Logo Makeover


The best logos embody an organization’s history, purpose and future all at a single glance, meaning these little symbols do a lot of heavy lifting. And with the National Panhellenic Conference’s push for values-based recruitment, logos are becoming even more important during the engagement process. The 2015 policy change emphasizes building relationships and holding genuine […]

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The Post-Branding Honeymoon To-Do


After countless hours of research, immersion and refined designs, you have finally experienced logo love! You had that “aha” moment where it all clicked, and you’ve picked “the one.” You have a beautifully designed logo mark, corresponding color palette and brand standards guide that meld together flawlessly to create a brand image that speaks to […]

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