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Karen is an artist, her tools include a keyboard, a mouse and a paintbrush (the digital kind of course). Discover her insights into the tricks of the trade.

The Ampersand

We admit we may be slightly obsessed with the ampersand. But as it turns out, we aren’t the only ones. It seems our beloved bilingual ligature has been trending toward pop culture stardom, and we think it’s pretty obvious why. It’s timeless. The word ampersand — a combination of the phrase “and per se and” […]

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A logo worthy of an “I Do”

With October just around the corner, we’ve wrapped up yet another wedding-filled summer. Having just celebrated my one-year anniversary, each ceremony and reception has been a fun reminder of my big day and also an opportunity to observe the choices made by my friends in their flowers, dresses and cakes. Would I change a thing […]

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