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Building a Business from the Ground Up

In the past few years, the economy has affected every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Pink slips have become the currency of corporate America and the unemployment rate has reached staggering levels. However, it is from job-loss and uncertain futures that many people, women especially, have brushed off their aversion to risk and […]

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

This past year has been an incredible learning experience for not just the three of us, but all of our friends and family members who have had the opportunity to enjoy our adventures in small business ownership first hand. We learned that owning a business looks a lot easier on the silver screen than it […]

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Rhyme & Reason Design launches company websites for Stateside Capital and Stateside Securities.

Here at Rhyme & Reason Design we love the girly details, but don’t assume that our talents only lie within the parameters of ribbons and bows. In fact, we thrive on stretching our creative prowess and immersing ourselves in strategic analysis.  Recently, we had the opportunity to learn a thing or two about the financial […]

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