A Lesson in Sisterhood, Traveling Pants Not Included

While I was off traversing the rugged terrain of Bolivia, Rhyme & Reason Design was awarded the re-branding project for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. I had fully planned to write about the amazing news upon my return, however no more than a week later, Karen and I were Indianapolis bound for the Alpha Sigma Alpha 2010 Convention and our days were booked solid.

Upon our arrival in Indianapolis, Karen and I had enough time to drop our bags, change clothes Clark Kent style and head to a meet and greet with the national council members. A wonderful group of passionate and professional women who allowed us to pick their brains for about an hour on Alpha Sigma Alpha, past, present and future. Even during the first session with these women, it was obvious that Rhyme & Reason had been given an incredible opportunity to create a brand image that truly define a group of talented women. A project that fits us to a “T”.

Our first full day of Convention had us conducting focus groups with both collegians and alumnae. As an individual not associated with any sorority, nor familiar with the Greek world outside of what I knew from my college years, I had no idea what to expect from the ten smiling faces sitting before me. I mean I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware of the sorority stereotype, but I also knew that it was a gross generalization. An hour later, I was very aware of how gross the generalization was. The ten collegian sisters, hailing from different schools across the country, spoke eloquently about the compassion they shared for each of their sisters, the person they realized they could become through the support of their sorority and the lifelong bonds they have formed with each other. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. There was even a moment in the midst of the group discussion that I yearned to re-do my college experience so that I too could experience these emotions and build these connections.

I wasn’t ready to stop the conversation with the collegians, but the gathering of alumnae made it clear that the hour was up. I was still on my emotional high from listening to the young women speak of their home away from home and was pretty sure the alumnae couldn’t top the powerful words that flew from the mouths of 20 year olds. I was right and wrong. The alumnae, although past their collegiate hay days, didn’t speak in quite the passionate way of their friends forever, but more about how the sorority helped to develop them into the women they are today. The theme of personal development and professional acumen was threaded into each response. It was also evident that the sorority was a life-long experience not to be given up the day you don your cap and gown.

On our final day, we hosted a few personal interviews. Again, the words sisterhood, life-long, support, confidence and friendship were ever present. When we wrapped up, it was obvious that the women of Alpha Sigma Alpha had left a big impression on Karen and me. Creating a brand, a website and marketing materials for any company is a wonderful experience, but for Alpha Sigma Alpha, we will be helping to shape sisterhood for years to come. I’m not a sorority sister now, but a lot can happen in 12 months.