Auditioning Guest Bloggers

This past Labor Day weekend, the Rhyme & Reason Design team descended upon Gainesville, FL to celebrate the start of Gator football, conduct a client meeting and toast each other for our recent website successes.  As celebrations go, this one was top notch.  The merriment began under an orange and blue tent on UF’s sprawling campus. Now at Gator tailgates one can always find a friendly atmosphere, however we weren’t expecting to be welcomed with open arms by strangers who recognized us by our website photos, our facebook status updates and stories from our blog.  But hey, who are we to complain when other people recognize us from our business efforts – that’s kind of the point, right?

Well this recognition also brought with it an abundance of ideas for how we can increase our blog readership, grow our name and increase interest in all things Rhyme & Reason related.  One of the suggestions was to open our blog up to guest bloggers, in an effort to institute a friendly competition.  Now as the main blogger for R&R I am not afraid of a little competition, in fact I welcome the opportunity for our guests to challenge my post as queen of the blog.

To all our faithful readers, stay tuned for next weeks’ blog to find out which guest is behind door #1.  With that I bid ado and remind my challengers that the pen is in fact mightier than the sword.

*For those of you who wish to make a cameo on our blog, please email us with your name and blog idea.*